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Are We Really Here – Guns In Schools To Protect Our Children?

I know more than a few of you will read what is coming and you will scoff, belittle, and then fall back on what you to believe to be legitimate arguments supporting your position in what has become the “debate” about gun control. Well, have at it, if you feel the need to spew noise to protect your right to have a gun.

I am not here to go over this well-trodden and, frankly, unreasonable ground. We are long past the debate stage. We are long past the politics of this. We are long past sanity in dealing with this epidemic gun problem. No, what we need now is action.

All of the statistics, and there are volumes (Here is a Mass shooting Tracker site, for god sake), point to a singular reason why in America parents should be afraid to send their children to elementary school, aspiring students should be wary of attending universities or community colleges, shoppers should stay out of shopping malls, movie goers should stream movies, people in cars should not anger other people in cars, and folks in grocery stores should not turn their back on a child in a shopping cart.

In all these environments, innocent people are dying in numbers that should make us all want action. This reality is fact – people are shooting people with guns in every corner of America, quite frequently now, and we need action to alter this fact.

Here is another fact, and this is the one that is really pushing my button– an elementary school in Idaho has decided the way to prevent a mass shooting in their school is to buy guns, train teachers to use them, and then be ready if some crazy comes down the road to shoot em up.

A school isolated by Idaho’s vast landscape has armed members of its faculty with four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammo fearing a gun attack.

Sound crazy? Maybe, maybe not, but whether or not this isolated school some 50 miles from police help is crazy or smart is not the issue making me mad. No, what is maddening is the fact that arming teachers is the topic of discussion, that placing mini armories in schools to protect our children is seriously discussed. Am I crazy or does this all sound just a tiny bit insane?

As if it were not enough that a school board had to take up this issue and spend precious educational dollars on their idea of protection, there are those who are saying the school board has not done enough.

The school was advised to buy body armor vests, slings and extra magazine rounds that would cost up to $2,000.

Facts matter, and in our current situation in America, the facts point to an epidemic of shootings in every conceivable venue, but, in particular, our schools are under threat at every grade level.

True, other countries experience crazies attacking and killing people in schools. Sweden just had its experience with this horror. The difference between Sweden and the US? Sweden’s gun control laws keep the guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The killer in Sweden used a sword and he managed to kill only two innocents before he was killed himself. Think about this for just a moment – Columbine, Newtown, Umpqua, Virginia Tech …

So, here is the question: Do we really want to up the ante by arming ourselves, specifically our teachers, to address the core issue at hand – too many mentally unstable folks without adequate medical attention have easy access to guns that can kill on a massive scale?

The fact that the issue is political in an ideologically bound, left-right political system means that if one side or the other does not get all of what it wants, the issue remains unresolved. This inability to find reasonable, common ground, that sweet spot where rationality supersedes blind ideology, means more mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers will die from flying bullets and a small school in Idaho will train and arm its personnel in the name of protecting our children.

So, tell me, do you think it is nuts to have a conversation about arming teachers? Shouldn’t we be talking about how we better care for our mentally ill while, simultaneously, keeping high-powered weapons out of their hands?

Please, send your thoughts my way … Really, I would like to hear from you.

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